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The T-STEM Blueprint

In June of 2018, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) implemented a new T-STEM design Blueprint. Schools seeking T-STEM designation must engage in one year of planning (known as the “Planning Year”) with the support of a TEA selected technical assistance provider, Educate Texas, prior to being designated as a T-STEM academy. Existing T-STEM designees must reapply annually for T-STEM designation renewal and demonstrate they are meeting the Blueprint design elements and outcomes-based measures (OBMs). TEA will continue to evaluate the Blueprint and incorporate stakeholder feedback to support schools. The Blueprint will ensure that schools fulfill T-STEM requirements with fidelity of implementation.

  • The 2019-2020 T-STEM Planning Year Application is open and will close November 22, 2019.
  • The 2020-2021 T-STEM Renewal Application will open November 18, 2019.

Planning Year Information

Technical Assistance Webinar

The technical assistance webinar was held Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

Designation Renewal Information

Ready to renew?

Designated T-STEM Academies must reapply for designation every academic year. Campuses can only apply for designation renewal if they held designation status in the current academic year.


Need help?

To access the instructions for completing the T-STEM planning year application or the annual designation application, visit the T-STEM Guidelines page.


Ready to apply?

Be sure to register for an account if you haven't already. On the application create page, select either Planning or Designation Renewal to start your application.


T-STEM Designated Schools:

  • Receive recogntion as an approved T-STEM Campus
  • Are invited to participate in T-STEM convenings
  • Gain membership in the T-STEM Newtwork
  • Are eligible for flexible school day program
  • Have access to resources (e.g., technical assistance, professional development, research-based best practices outlined in the Blueprint)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Review the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page to find the answer or find out how to submit a question if yours isn't included.